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Find out why Adalt Brewing used for their professional labels.  Adalt Brewing is a micro-brewery in the centre of Palma de Mallorca where different varieties of beer are produced with the best ingredients. They are three homebrewer friends who decided to launch into this adventure after many years of practice.

Their line of beers is based on small batches (up to 500 L) in which they experiment with different styles and try to improve their recipes in each brewing. From quite hoppy IPAs, to black beers and stouts, or more classic beers such as pilsner and pale ales.

The beers are packaged in cans for their product conservation qualities and for sustainability. They are also packed in barrels for bars and restaurants. In addition, Adalt is a platform to promote local artists. That is why all the labels have a unique design by a local artist, as well as the recipes of each of their beers.

Professional Labels. spoke to Sebastian Barcelo, one of the founders of Adalt about why they came to

I was looking for a professional label supplier and I found the website’ Sebastian continues ‘Prices were in the same area as other potential suppliers I had in mind, but the user experience with your site was so great and easy that I decided to give it a try’

The Calculator tool

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The calculator was born with our website in 2013 as we wanted customers to know exactly what their professional labels would cost without having to contact someone for a quote first. Thus saving time. It enables someone to ascertain the cost of single or multiple types of labels, different papers and finishing options like Embossing.

Sebastian commented ‘The calculator was a very nice feature that allowed us to have a precise cost prediction with just a few clicks. I find it super useful and easy to use. It saves a lot of time’ he continues ‘With other suppliers there is always waiting time for getting budgets and so on’

Why Recommend

Our aim is to make it easy for customers to navigate the website, order labels without having to make a call, quick turnaround, cost effective and of course Professional Labels. We believe we have ticked all those boxes!

We asked Sebastian ‘What is the main reason you would recommend us?’ he said ‘It’s very easy to calculate costs and to order via the website, good quality, reasonable price and fast response. After receiving the first batch of labels I was very happy with the quality of the product.’

You can find out more about Adalt Brewery on Instagram, Facebook or their website.


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